The Priorities of the People

A Message to The Grassroots: Gary’s Message To The People of The 2nd District

My platform is squarely centered around the priorities of the constituents of District 2. The priorities addressed are not conclusive of all the concerns of the district, but they do encompass a consistent range of concerns repeatedly referenced since I have been on the campaign trail in conversation with you, the people of the 2nd Congressional District.

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  1. Gary on Community Health Community Health

    Gary believes that Louisianans’ health is the foundation of a better Louisiana.

  2. Gary on Education and Jobs Training Programs Education and Jobs Training Programs

    Gary believes that free and appropriate public education and job skills training are the passport to the future.

  3. Gary on Green New Deal Green New Deal

    Gary believes that the Green New Deal provides an opportunity and a blueprint for Louisiana and the 2nd Congressional District to put people in the district back to work and to fix our crumbling infrastructure.

  4. Gary on Reparations Reparations

    We can no longer ignore the role that America and Louisiana played in enslaving Black Americans to build this country’s economy while keeping Black Americans locked out of the same wealth their ancestors helped create.

  5. Gary on Crime & Law Enforcement Crime & Law Enforcement

    Gary believes that the creation and enforcement of federal standards applicable to all state and local law enforcement agencies are not only critical only for a safer America, but also for a citizenry that respects and trusts their law enforcement professionals.

  6. Gary on Foreign Policy Foreign Policy

    Gary respects the human rights of every person on this planet and respects the sovereign rights of every nation, large or small.

  7. Gary on Immigration Immigration

    Gary supports immigrants coming to America in search of a better life for themselves and their children.

  8. Gary on LGBQT+ Rights LGBQT+ Rights

    Gary believes that the United States Constitution provides equal protection under the law, for all people within the borders of the United States.