Gary on Healthcare
Gary believes that Louisianans’ health is the foundation of a better Louisiana.

Gary on Education and Jobs Training Programs
Education and Jobs Training Programs
Gary believes that free and appropriate public education and job skills training are the passport to the future.

Gary on The Economy
The Economy
Gary is committed to building an economy that works for all Lousianians, not just those at the top.

Gary on Infrastructure
Gary understands that the failing state of Louisiana’s infrastructure is literally killing people and must be overhauled, providing challenges as well as opportunity.

Gary on Common Sense Gun Reform
Common Sense Gun Reform
Gary is a gun owner who supports the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. But he is also a parent, a son, a grocery store shopper, a movie goer, a concert attender, and so many more things, who knows we need gun control reform.

Gary on Criminal Justice Reform
Criminal Justice Reform
Gary believes that the creation and enforcement of federal standards applicable to all state and local law enforcement agencies are not only critical only for a safer America, but also for a citizenry that respects and trusts their law enforcement professionals.

Gary on Reproductive Rights
Reproductive Rights
Gary is committed to protecting reproductive freedom and preserving the right to choose.

Gary on LGBTQ+ Rights
LGBTQ+ Rights
Gary believes that the United States Constitution provides equal protection under the law, for all people within the borders of the United States.

Gary on The Environment
The Environment
Gary believes that the Green New Deal provides an opportunity and a blueprint for Louisiana to put people in the district back to work and to fix our crumbling infrastructure.

Gary on Immigration
Gary supports immigrants coming to America in search of a better life for themselves and their children.

Gary on Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy
Gary respects the human rights of every person on this planet and respects the sovereign rights of every nation, large or small.

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